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What story wants to be told?

The memoir affair


As your memoir writing coach

Together, we will uncover the story within you. As I guide you in this memoir writing process, we will examine events, make sense of your life, and gain insight into what will be your recorded history.

The writing of your memoir is a deeply personal experience where not only will you come to some understanding of your past, but you will shed new light on memories and connect knowledge with wisdom.

There are few things that beat a well-told story. The writing of Prose is a pretty straight forward, and direct process that involves revealing your thoughts and feelings in a lucid way. We'll take the ordinary, and through discovery, end up illuminating it in an extraordinary way. This utilitarian writ will convey morals in a narrative structure.

As you delight and amuse your reader with mood and setting, you will inspire your reader to take action in a heroic way with an implied message of purpose. Only you know your audience best, and understand your role as a decorated writer of your life. The essence of your information will contain the fingerprints of your style and point of view, that serve as a set of values inscribed as legends.